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The Horizon H2020 program supports innovative projects conducted by small and medium-sized enterprises and helps them expand their activities into other countries (further details on the program). The breakthrough innovation imagined by Mensia is the neurofeedback application ADHD@Home developed in the framework of the EU granted project NEWROFEED to care of children suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

  • In order to optimise success rates, ADHD@Home is based on an EEG biomarker-based personalised medicine approach to treat ADHD children with state-of-the-art personalized Neurofeedback Training.
  • This patient-centered solution is delivered at home, with remote supervision by ADHD specialists.

As an efficacious alternative to treatment by psychoactive medication, the expected clinical outcomes include normalized social behaviour and improved school performance.
ADHD@Home delivers physiological lasting normalization of brain activity, using the child’s endogenous neuronal plasticity, to resolve his or her attention and hyperactivity problems. Its unique technology and design enable it to achieve two critical clinical objectives:

  1. To identify the root cause of the ADHD for a given child by quantifying, in real-time, deviations in EEG oscillation biomarkers allowing the clinician to select and adjust the Neurofeedback protocols.
  2. To deliver the personalized Neurofeedback protocols on an affordable and user-friendly device, enabling optimal training at home under remote medical supervision.

This clinical breakthrough is made possible by Mensia’s cloud-based real time quantitative EEG analysis technology.

ADHD@Home will be validated for efficacy in the NEWROFEED Clinical Trial. In ths context, the solution will be deployed in  12 European centers to be used by more than 150 children and adolescents aged 7 to 13 years. Involved clinical centers are located in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland.